Cost Effective Barrister Service

If your dispute is particularly complex or of very high value, we may suggest that you seek out help from one of our barrister associates.

Claims over £10,000.00 will usually be heard on the "fast track" or "multi track" where legal costs can be recovered from the losing party, whether these costs are paid for a barrister or incurred by you as a Litigant In Person with our support. It can therefore make sense to use a barrister for hearings alongside our support in preparing your case and helping you to navigate the legal system.

With us helping you in your legal action, it is always your choice, whether or not you take up any option we might propose. When it comes to suggesting you obtain an opinion from a barrister, we do this only when we think it is necessary and proportionate to your situation. 

Fees and Charges available on application