What they say about me!


Company, Tort & Director Duties

“What did I want? Someone to listen to my problem, someone who would understand, someone who would care enough to look at my case when others had dismissed it, someone with expert knowledge, someone who would give it to me straight, someone who would explain, someone who thought outside the box - someone to find a solution. I got all that and more. I got what 3 lawyers, a barrister, 3 years and lots of money had failed to deliver - a plan (well written, well researched and easy to understand), a renewed purpose and a light at the end of the tunnel. I've already started to implement her recommendations I waited so long for. If you want a solution, don't go anywhere else, you've found it. She's called Ellen. Give her a call. I can't recommend or thank her enough.” (GB, Linked In)

European Commercial Contract, Debt Recovery

„Hello Ellen, danke für die Info, wir haben das Geld bereits erhalten!“ (YS, Austria) translation Hello Ellen, thanks for the information, we have already received the money!

„Vielen Dank für Ihre Mitarbeit, Ich bin sehr zufrieden mit Ihren Diensten. Ich werde auch in Zukunft Ihre Adresse meinen Kollegen weitergeben, falls Sie diese Art von Problemen haben sollten“ (NM, Austria) translation Many thanks for your cooperation, I am very happy with your services. I will pass on your details to my colleagues, in case they should have these sorts of problems in future.

“I would like to express my heart-felt thanks for your help and great involvement in the case. I must say that I am absolutely impressed with the quality of your work and your in-depth analysis of the legal proceedings in Great Britain.” (MG, Lawyer Poland)

Commercial Debtor & Creditor, Insolvency, Agency

“I am bitterly disappointed that the people involved chose to ignore my plight and offer no support, but still seek to portray themselves as people with integrity - I will bide my time.

”However, as a result of Ellen's advice I contacted the awarding body and explained what had occurred: they sought some corroboration that I had completed the course of study; and upon being supplied they have agreed to issue me with the relevant accreditation”. (MG, Linked In, West Midlands Business Network, (Group Forum))


Commercial Contracts

“Ellen worked for us on a contract dispute with a major service provider in the recruitment industry and I highly recommend her work. A very thorough research of the subject matter backed up with super organisational skills and a caring manner. Ellen guided us through the mine field that is taking on a multi-national company with ease and clarity. Often working extra hours and at times when most would have been otherwise occupied to ensure that all my questions were answered and dealt with. Great service and highly recommended.” (SD, Bristol)

“Very quick to respond and provided us with the exact information we needed. Anyone looking for legal advice/help should not hesitate to contact Ellen. Perfect PPH experience.” (CR, People Per Hour)

Commercial Contracts, CMR Convention, Breach of Warranty

“May we also take this opportunity to thank you very much for the excellent service you have given. Hopefully we wont need the use of your services again (wishful thinking) but if we do you will certainly be our first call. We would certainly have no problem in recommending your services to any other people in the Freight Industry.” (IS, Yorks)

Consumer Credit

“Ellen is a conscientious, thorough legal researcher who pays great attention to detail. Her commitment to doing a first class job is reflected in the outstanding results she has produced for me.” (AP, Linked In)

Commercial Property

Ellen helped resolve a lease contract dispute at a space we used to rent. She was not only reliable and detailed in her work but also had a great knowledge of the law and put in such hard work at a reasonable price, which is refreshing in the law profession.
She won our case successfully and certainly took the stress out of a court situation, dealing with the paperwork and always ready to give advice that you could rely on, quickly.
Would recommend her without hesitation. (KC, Linked In)


Property & Trust Law

“Dear Ellen; I Swear By Faith! That so far no other legal counsel nor solicitors nor barrister nor Judges in the whole of the UK could get this right. You did 1st time with speed and accuracy. Incredible, commendable.” (HM, London)