Legal Action

don't let your small business get steamrollered by their solicitor!

Taking or defending legal action can be stressful, time consuming and expensive, requiring either that you instruct a solicitor, usually at hundreds of pounds per hour, or that you have to take time out of your business and take a step into the unknown as your own lawyer.

I am not a solicitor. I provide you with all you need, to conduct your own litigation to achieve the best possible outcome, whether you are the Claimant or the Defendant - at an affordable cost.

  • Just the help you need, or help from start to finish
  • Researching the law, letting you know your options
  • Letter Before Action ("solicitor's letter")
  • Drafting your claim, defence, counterclaim, applications etc
  • Disclosure
  • Witness statements
  • Navigating the Civil Procedure Rules
  • Help with mediation
  • Making and responding to Offers To Settle
  • Preparing hearing and trial bundles
  • Settlement agreements and Tomlin Orders
  • Hearings - lay representation and McKenzie Friend assistance
  • Enforcement action
  • professional legal support for the Litigant in Person

Legal action should always be a last resort, when all attempts at the reasonable settlement of a dispute have failed. Even so, there is a duty on all parties to litigation, to try to seek settlement once proceedings have started, if at all possible.