Commercial Dispute Resolution

At some time or another, every business experiences a commercial dispute - with a customer or a supplier.

Very often, these disputes can be resolved by amicable discussion. But sometimes, they escalate to a situation that needs outside help, to avoid legal action.

Litigation should always be regarded as a last resort, and the Courts will expect you to have made every reasonable effort to reach a settlement, before it becomes the only way to seek remedy.

With many years' experience of all kinds of commercial disputes, involving parties from all over the UK and Europe, I can help.

As with all of my services, you can get just the help you need, or I can support you throughout at a charge that cuts hundreds from the typical cost of using a solicitor.

  • "Options & Prospects" report; a commercially sensitive review of your legal position in the dispute, and what kind of outcome you can expect
  • Mediation with the other party and/or their solicitor or other mediator, including all correspondence by phone, email and postal letter, as well as meetings (travel expenses may apply)
  • Preparing and responding to offers to settle
  • Drafting and witnessing a Settlement Agreement

Mediation like this may succeed in saving you a great deal of time, stress and money in taking or defending legal action. However, in spite of our best efforts, it sometimes does not succeed and, in that event, there may be no other option but legal action.