Introducing myself....

With nearly 40 years' experience across a variety of commercial sectors, I am sure to be able to assist you with almost whatever you need!

I started work in the mid 1980s - yes, a long time ago, and I have just about seen everything and done everything since then, from being an employee to founding and running a small multinational trading all over Europe.

This gives me a strong perspective on work and the commercial realities of operating a business in the modern World.   

I understand how difficult it can be for you, as a freelancer, or a self employed person or smaller business to access services from a solicitor and how difficult it can be to then be obliged to deal with a commercial dispute yourself, or even worse to have to take or defend legal action on your own. 

I know and understand this because I was in your position! 

I was dismayed at the kind of charges that solicitors were quoting to me for my small business, and decided that I would look at how I could do what was needed for my own operation - this led me into studying for a law degree and finally, in 2015, opening Link Legal Solutions to meet the needs of businesses like yours.